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My motto as a member of the board has been the ABC’s. 

We need to focus on academic excellence, getting back to the basics in the classroom, and being committed to our students’ success.



Our job is to ensure our students learn and are prepared to enter the workforce.


Academic Excellence requires us to have high standards for student achievement and implement measurable benchmarks for our teachers and administrators to ensure student’s academic success. 


To get a job and be competitive in today’s society all students must first be good at the basics. That’s why I led The Lakeside School District to reopen our schools early during the COVID-19 pandemic because I was concerned about our students’ academic achievement.



While Sacramento Bureaucrats encourage local school districts to focus on social commentary and controversial social issues in the classroom.


I’m going to continue to ensure the Lakeside Union School District is focused on reading, writing, and math to prepare our students for career and college.

Being dedicated to the basics also means we must manage the taxpayers money like we would manage our own wallets. I'm proud that our district has a balanced budget with an 18% rainy day fund. 

This will enhance our district's long term financial stability and ensure our teachers and students have the tools they need to receive a world class education like I got in Lakeside Schools.



Being committed to our students means we are committed to their success. That commitment requires us to invest in their future.


That is why I am partnering with the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce and the Associated General Contractors to implement career education programs and ensure our students are prepared to enter the workforce. 


This same commitment to our students also forces us to recognize the long term mental health impacts on our students from the COVID-19 school shutdowns. 


I want every child in the Lakeside School District to be excited about learning and going to school.


That is why our district is making historic investments in support of our students’ mental health so that each day our students show up ready and eager to learn

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